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We offer mediation services for individuals with or without counsel who need help resolving a family law dispute, including divorce, child custody, visitation and other family law disputes.

Mediation Advice and Knowledgeable Representation

Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) facilitated by a neutral third party.  While court hearings are public, mediation remains confidential.

In mediation, the mediator facilitates the resolution of the parties’ disputes by supervising the exchange of information and the bargaining process. The mediator helps find common ground, deal with unrealistic expectations and can assist in drafting a final settlement. The role of the mediator is to interpret concerns, frame issues, and define the problems.

Unlike the litigation process, where a neutral third party (usually a judge) imposes a decision over the matter, the parties and their mediator ordinarily control the mediation process – deciding when and where the mediation takes place, who will be present, how the mediation will be paid for, and how the mediator will interact.

The mediation process is generally considered more prompt, inexpensive, and procedurally simple than formal litigation. It allows the parties to focus on the underlying circumstances that contributed to the dispute, rather than on narrow legal issues.

Kevin T. Gassaway is an approved mediator for the Tulsa County family law court.


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